Manual Handling Theory

This replaces the classroom theory part of the course, when you have completed this you can attend the 10-15 minute Zoom part to complete your course.

Course Summary

There are two parts to the manual handling course, the theory which is this online course and then the practical which is demonstrating your new knowledge in lifting over a Zoom meeting. The purpose of this online course is to reduce your classroom time yet still receive the information in a structured way and gain knowledge. We check that the knowledge has been gained and retained by having quizzes at the end of each of the 5 modules, the quizzes have to be passed to carry on to the next module. If you fail the quiz you can retake it and if you want or need to you can review the module to be sure of your answer next time.
If for any reason you have to logout of the course,  when you log back in you will be automatically taken to the place where you left off so have no fear you won't loose your place.

Course Curriculum

Mark Williams

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We provide both classroom-based courses and online courses to suit the different learning styles of our customers. The purpose of our online courses is to reduce the amount of time that we have to sit in the classroom for the theory & practical elements of our courses. .

We know that Safety Training is of vital importance to all of us - it goes towards keeping us all safe at work but so is our time at work so by completing this course online your time spent away from your work can be reduced.